“It is shameful that Mari Luz’s father has brought himself to complain,” was the reaction of Clarence Mitchell, the spokesman for the McCann couple, in response to the request from Juan Jose Cortés that the posters with the photo of his daughter beside Madeleine should not be distributed.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Santiago del Valle...the accused

1 – Santiago del Valle, had confessed to the murder of Mari Luz , he has now retracted this statement and claims he does not know what happened to her. However, during the investigation he was able to tell details  not revealed to the public . He described that Mariluz fell down the  stairs, in a position that could be verified, he described the wound on the head of Mari Luz.  Santiago told police he placed the child's  body in a shopping cart, covering her head with a black cloth. The shopping carts were in court today. ( it is alleged police found black fibers on the wound of Mari Luz ,information not released to the public)

2 – It is alleged there are witnessess who  saw Santiago with Mari Luz.

3 – Santiago’s wife declared against him, he threatened  her (his wife) that if  she opened her mouth , he would kill her.

4 – Santiago's type of abuse:  Touching and masturbation .  Sexual crimes in the past, he is known to have a profile of sexual crimes that do not involve sexual penetration.

5 – Mari Luz'sbody was found fully clothed, without marks of blood, the 2 autopsy’s to the body revealed that she was not raped. The autopsies diverged on the fact that the private one found traces of abuse and the official one stated that if she was abused the abuse was not strong enough to leave any marks. That kind of abuse is the one that Santiago would inflict, and matches Santiago's profile.

6 – Forensics were not able to find any DNA in the house of Santiago or in his sister¡s car, despite the fact Santiago’s lawyer still stated that Santiago maintains he was present when Mari Luz died by “accident”.Once again today, 22nd Feb 2011, defence claim there is no forensic evidence to tie De Valle to this crime.

7 – There were 3 paedophiles living in “El-Torrejon”. .The fact that Raymond Hewlett was  treated in a hospital nearby, doesn’t mean that he has anything to do with Mariluz at all.

8 – El-Torrejon ,is a neighborhood that people often avoid. Raymond Hewlett, would have been noticed had he been wondering around there searching for a child to abuse.

9 – Santiago is known to act by instinct like an animal, and he lived like an indigene. He didn’t have a car, or a cell phone. He did not have connections to paedophile networks, nor the money, nor the ways to be able to participate in that kind of network. De Ville,  would see a child on the street and if possible he would commit his abuses, when questioned , in jail ,he stated how he would approach  a child  on the street, he woud pretend to “fall over” just to touch, pretence of an accident.  The kind of crime he often committed  would match autopsy results of Marie Luz .

10 – The car belonging to the sister of Santiago and believed to be used by the two of them to transport Mari Luz's body to the place where she was thrown into the water contained the same mud / terrain type that only existed on the region where the body of Mari Luz was found .

SOURCE:  Alexandre..but I have updated his comments after todays news...

COMMENT: I am leaving this here for the moment as I have to check if this is true about HEWLETT hospitalised nearby. HEWLETT had nothing to do with either case as we  know but it would be interesting to know if and when HEWLETT was in HUELVA and what were the McCanns really doing there....