“It is shameful that Mari Luz’s father has brought himself to complain,” was the reaction of Clarence Mitchell, the spokesman for the McCann couple, in response to the request from Juan Jose Cortés that the posters with the photo of his daughter beside Madeleine should not be distributed.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mariluz sexual assault has been ruled out...

The final results of the autopsy of five year old Mariluz Cortés ,released by the on going trial of Santiago del Valle and his sister Rosa over her death, have revealed she did not die in the home of the accused but drowned in the marsh-land where her body was found. Minute algae in the bone marrow of the youngster, who disappeared in Huelva in January 2008, indicated she had inhaled water, the autopsy said.

Professor Luis Frontera, who the victim's family brought in to offer a second opinion, noted in 2008 that she had died before being thrown into the water. The autopsy also said that Mariluz died more than four weeks before her body was discovered on March 7th, 2008 and also ruled out sexual assault.