“It is shameful that Mari Luz’s father has brought himself to complain,” was the reaction of Clarence Mitchell, the spokesman for the McCann couple, in response to the request from Juan Jose Cortés that the posters with the photo of his daughter beside Madeleine should not be distributed.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Profile: Alexandre on Mari Luz...I cannot find Alexandre or his blog if indeed he has one but he has commented on other sites and this is his opinion. However Alexander has some details to remind us of police findings...

First of all i would like to tell you that you have done a great research job about the Madeleine case, all that you stated have somekind of logic and could be truth.

As for Mariluz Cortés Suarez, i need to correct some points that you have stated.
First Her parents aren’t questioning the police attitude at all.

 The Spanish police was very competent on this case. Juan José and Irene (Mariluz father and mother) allways believe on the police.

What was questioned was a leek by the media (newspapers) that have stated some declarations that were covered by the secrecy of justice and could be used by the sister of Mariluz killer to get away with the involvment on the crime.

Also, what was also criticised was the fact that santiago del valle (Mariluz killer) should be in jail on the time that everything happened, and he was walking freely on the streets because of a judicial error (The judge that has sentenced him jail for abuses to his own daughter was overworked and don’t exectuted the arrest at time).

Cortés doesn’t mean Court. Cortés means “kind” or “gentle” or “courteous”.

Mariluz is a full name, it’s Mariluz and not Mari Luz. That name “Mariluz” is very frequent in Spain, also She was named after her grandaughter.

Yes, Luz means “light” and yes, i believe that every person on life have it’s mission, so … i guess that i’m on the same boat as you are, trying to find meaning for all of what have happened lately.

I would like to talk with you, please e-mail me to the mail that i’ve supplied when posting this message.

And yes, i think i can “join forces” with you to find the meaning to all of this.
Mariluz Cortés, rest in peace my little angel.

More from Alexandre...

Recently it have come to my attention that the media (newspapers, tv, etc) are reporting a new lead in Madelein’s case. A new “suspect” have been found, named Hewlett and he is known to be a pedophile.
On the article above, we can read the following :

“Hewlett was diagnosed with cancer last year and was undergoing treatment at the Hospital Infanta Elena in the Spanish town of Huelva, where a five-year-old local girl, Mari Luz Cortes, went missing in January. Her body was later discovered in a nearby lake.”

This have upset me for a while, and so the reason that I’m writing here again.

Despite the fact that “Hospital Infanta Elena” is very close to “El-Torrejon” where Mariluz lived and disappeared there are some aspects that must be taken under consideration :

1 – santiago del valle have confessed the murdered of Mariluz. Under the investigation he was able to tell details that were not revealed to the public in any form or way. He described that Mariluz felled off the stairs, in a position that could be verified, he know exactly where it was the wound on Mariluz head, he told police he place Mariluz body on a shopping cart, covering Her head with a black cloth (police found black fibers on the wound and that information was never released to the public so santiago had no way to know about it unless he would have committed the crime).

2 – There are a witness that saw santiago with Mariluz.

3 – santiago’s wife declared against him, she told in court that santiago confessed to her the “accidental death of little Marii” and menace her (his wife) that if he would ever goes to jail he would kill her.

4 – santiago type of abuses were touching and masturbation only. For all sexual crimes he have done in the past he is know as having a profile of sexual crimes that don’t involve sexual penetration.

5 – Mariluz body was found full clothed, without marks of blood, the 2 autopsy’s to the body revealed that she was not raped. The autopsies diverged on the fact that the private one found traces of abuse and the official one stated that if she was abused the abuse was not strong enough to leave any marks. That kind of abuse is the one that santiago would inflict, match with santiago profile.

6 – Forensics were not able to find any DNA on the house of santiago or his sister car, despite that fact santiago’s lawyer still stated on the press that santiago maintains that we was present when Mariluz died by “accident”.

7 – There were 3 pedophiles living in “El-Torrejon”. There are pedophiles everywhere. The fact that Raymond Hewlett was been treated on the hospital near by doesn’t mean that he has anything to do with Mariluz at all.

8 – El-Torrejon is a neighbor that people often avoid. Raymond Hewlett would have been noticed if he would have been wondering around there searching for a child to abuse.

9 – santiago is known to act by instinct like an animal, and he lived like an indigene. He didn’t have car, way of transportation, nor even a cell phone. he didn’t have connections to pedophile networks, nor the money, nor the ways to be able to participate on that kind of network. he would see a child on the street and if possible he would commit his abuses, when questioned by psychological persons on jail he stated how he would approach people on the street, and “fall over” people just to touch, pretending to be an accident. he also laugh when remembering all of that stuff. The kind of crime/abuse that he often committed match with Mariluz autopsy.

10 – The car belonging to santiago sister and believed to be used by the two of them to transport Mariluz body to the place where She was thrown to the water contained the same mud / terrain type that only existed on the region where the body of Mariluz was thrown to the water. Same applies to santiago boots. That terrain type was found on santiago boots and santiago sister car hours after Mariluz was thrown to the water, meaning that they had to be on that place at the exact same time when Mariluz was thrown to the river.

11 – Raymond Hewlett is known as a PAST sex abuser. He was traveling with wife/kids on a van. It’s not viable that a sick man being treated of cancer on the hospital to still have the will and the time and the opportunity to go to el-torrejon and cross path with Mariluz. It’s more likely that any other of the 2 pedophiles living on el-torrejon to have done that. I think he was just on the wrong time on the wrong place.

12 – Media sometimes just made up things for people to believe on what they want to believe. It’s very odd that investigators or whatever would have revealed to public the name of the suspect of Madeleine’s disappearance, it would only serve the purpose to alert him. The fact that the guy was a known pedophile on the past and have been near where Mariluz lived, don’t automatically put him as “the guy who killed Mariluz”.

To sum to my last post, santiago was the first suspect and it was always under surveillance when Mariluz was missing … but without the body they couldn’t accuse him of anything, and he didn’t have Mariluz in any place also, so police knew that in the scenario of his involvement Mariluz would have to be dead.

Let’s not forget that the first suspect that even Mariluz family had was santiago, despite the fact that 2 more pedophiles lived nearby. Let’s not forget that even before the police knew about Mariluz disappearance, Mariluz family and locals break in the house of santiago looking for Her, they found only santiago sister who called the police by a breaking on her house, only than the police was notified that they were looking for Mariluz and that Mariluz were missing.

And also when Juan José Cortés (Mariluz father) managed to return from the police department they asked santiago sister to open the back of the car and there they found that the back of the car was wet from water from being clean, to try to hide evidence of body-transportation inside the trunk.

There are EVIDENCES that place santiago as the murderer of Mariluz. Not evidences that police would forge but evidences that even the family were aware about from the start.
The world is full of pedophiles, let’s not start blaming the one that is dying in hope to manage to free the real culprits for the crime !!!!