“It is shameful that Mari Luz’s father has brought himself to complain,” was the reaction of Clarence Mitchell, the spokesman for the McCann couple, in response to the request from Juan Jose Cortés that the posters with the photo of his daughter beside Madeleine should not be distributed.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

#McCann Latest Victim : Antonio Castela Who Spoke With PJ. His Evidence And Timeline Has Been Changed By Clarence Mitchell. Antonio's Witness Statement Was For May 3rd Mitchell Has Changed The Date To May 4th ! I Have Reported This To IPCC On Twitter I Shall Follow It Up In Writing. Mitchell Has Gone Too Far !

Breakthrough? Antonio Castela, 72, claims he is sure that a little girl in pink pyjamas who was with four adults was little Madeleine
This is what Castela said

"I don't have a lot to say, but what I have to say, I can state with certainty. On the 3rd of May at 8.10pm, the evening of Madeleine's disappearance, three men, a woman and a little girl entered my taxi. Sitting beside me was seated a man who resembled Robert Murat and whom I recognised later in the press. There was also a little girl in pink pyjamas with that distinctive mark in her eye and her mother, of that there is no doubt."


Clarence Mitchell has broken the law ,changed Antonio Castela's statement and had the media publish a blatant lie!

Breakthrough? Antonio Castela, 72, claims he is sure that a girl in pink pyjamas who he picked up along with four adults the night after Maddie went missing was her


Madeleine McCann latest news: Antonio Castela claims he picked up girl in taxi

dailymail.co.uk — Taxi driver Antonio Castela, 72, says he picked up a little girl dressed in pink pyjamas who matched Maddie's description while Rose Johnson says she saw the little girl last August in Nerja, Spain.

4 years ago.....Clarence Mitchell, spokesman for the McCanns, reacted yesterday with amazement at the declarations of the taxi-driver. “The declarations of Mr. Castela are false. They are a perfect nonsense. He can only be mistaken when he says that at that time he transported Kate and Madeleine with three men”, he said, underlining the fact of being several independent witnesses who place Madeleine's parents in a completely different place. “How is that possible, if at 20h35 several witnesses say that Kate and Gerry were sitting down on a table of the Tapas restaurant”, he questioned. Clarence doubts of the intentions of the taxi-driver. “It astonishes me that only now, ten months later, he talks about this. These are declarations that only cause pain to Kate and Gerry", he said, advancing that that the McCann's daughter has no facial twitches.
“The only sign to report is the one she has in the eye.”

Also 4 years ago in The Telegraph.....But the McCanns spokesman Clarence Mitchell told the newspaper: "We are dismissing this primarily because the timings are entirely wrong."

Roll forward 4 years to May 2nd 2012......McCann family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "It is clearly deeply shocking that [Mr Castela] now tells us he has not been interviewed once by a detective.
"This is exactly the sort of thing that needs to be looked at in the investigative review now being carried out by the Metropolitan Police

I think everyone can see very clearly from the facts!!!